Saturday, 9 August 2014

A look back at 2014 so far.

Another year id flying by and still I have no time to blog.
Time to make amends and have a quick update on the goings on in my life.
Sewing Club is still as popular as ever and my teaching skills have been creeping into the regular school curriculum too.
A whole village of toadstools were created by 14 of my students. They learnt new stitches like backstitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy and French knots. 
Easter saw 30 children making chick finger puppets. Even more exciting as we'd had chicks hatching in school and they were all in love with those chooks.
Summer term I was teaching art to year 3. We were looking at the sea, artists who paint the sea, still life shell pictures and creating textile art using paint, dye, weaving and sewing. It was a very busy term but so enjoyable. The above pictures are just a few samples of the textile art my 60 children created. (yes 60!)
And here is part of the display showing off their work.
The final sewing club group made bird hangers using a pattern by Jodie from "Ric Rac".
They loved every minute learning how to sew on buttons and make their own yarn pompoms.
And here are the mini monsters I made for my support group as an end of term gift.
My eldest daughter graduated in July and we had a lovely celebration afternoon (it was her 22nd birthday too) only slightly spoilt by the massive downpour that prevented us getting the photos we wanted. Hard to believe this baby girl is all grown up now.
Summer holidays are in full swing here which involves much crafting and baking, afternoons in the back garden and the occasional bit of decluttering. This is only to make room for new craft resources, well you can never have too much of a good thing.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year.

Here it is 2014 and gosh didn't last year just fly by?
From a wobbly start with my eldest daughter in hospital seriously ill, to a summer of sunshine, delicious cuddles with my new nephew and afternoon teas and finally a lovely family Christmas. I just blinked and the year was gone.
So what plans for 2014? Well I'm not one for making resolutions as I never keep them. So all I hope to do is find more time to make things, find something that makes me smile everyday and enjoy life as best I can. Sounds like a plan.
So I'll start this year with some of the best bits from last year.
January breakfast
February Crafting
March Easter approaches
April Easter parade
Baby George arrives

May summer arrives and breakfast is outdoors
June celebrations for my mums 70th
July - my beautiful daughter turned 21.
July- Baby George flies back to England to visit us all.
August was minion time, holidays and family.
September return to work and sewing club makes - minions of course
October - my handsome nephew wins the mother and baby Singapore award.
November sewing club. Christmas began.
December. What a brilliant year it ended up being.
 Very photo heavy I know but what a year.
Best wishes to everyone for 2014. 
It's going to be a  blast.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Half Way.

I can't believe the summer holidays are more than half way through. How did that happen? Part of me feels that I have wasted the time and achieved nothing and another side thinks "so what!" I needed the rest. Maybe I'll get my butt into gear in the last 2 weeks.
 I haven't just sat staring into space mind you. There has always been something creative going on. More bunnies, minions, Dobby and a few other bits and bobs. I have tried to make something every day even if it's just a bunny head. I've also been working on my Etsy shop but more news on that next time.
 Well it's exam result day today for my 18year old, I've got everything crossed for her. She's worked really hard and deserves to get into her University of choice. We'll know for sure by 8.30 am. ( no wonder I couldn't sleep last night!) Here's hoping for the best and that the sun comes out so we can celebrate in the garden.

Friday, 12 July 2013

My latest craze has been knitting. Rabbit knitting to be precise. I can't get enough of these little rabbits. Even my daughter has started making them.

The pattern comes from Julie of Little Cotton Rabbits and if like me you have always wanted one of her creations you can now make your own. She has released a pattern for a boy and girl rabbit and a whole wardrobe of girls dresses. She is planning on writing patterns for some of her other animals too, so worth keeping an eye on.
School will be over in one week and boy am I ready for the break. Still loads to do though. I  have 2 graduation gowns and caps to make (anyone know of a free pattern for caps?) class gifts to complete and teacher presents to sort out. Plus my eldest daughter turns 21 on Wednesday and I haven't sorted anything out for that yet! I think we are going to have afternoon tea in the garden which we did for my mums 70th last month.
We have leavers assembly for the year 4 children who are moving up to middle school and a whole host of "lasts" to get through. Then I need to start planning my summer holiday craftivities and felt and art crafts for the new term. No rest for the wicked.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Is this summer?

Well here it is the final term at school and already half way through.
A time of lasts for the children I work with as they are moving on to middle school.
It's going to be a sad time as I have been with this group for 5 years now and know them all really well. I will miss them all in one way or another.
A big event for them this term was an educational residential trip, where they all went away for 4 days and 3 nights with 2 teachers. Sadly some children were unable to go so we had a fun week at school instead with a topic week focusing on Australia.
We made Koala finger puppets and created some Aboriginal art.
My sewing group are working their way through a pile of sea creatures. We have made jelly fish and are now onto starfish.
Looking forward to the big finish and 6 whole weeks off work.