Friday, 24 August 2007

Summer Holiday Projects

So, the kids are off school and needing to be entertained and all I can think of is "yes, no work for 6 weeks, lets get some crafting done." So I drag out my pile of projects I really want to do and sort through them yet again. I decide to do a rainbow effect quilt and get the kids knitting.

The rainbow quilt takes shape very quickly by making my triangle blocks with foundation paper. The hardest part was laying all the pieces out and blending the colour changes. But after 4 days the patchwork was pieced together. Quick work. The quilting is yet to be done, I think dull autum evenings will be when I do that.

Next came the knitting. Well all 4 of my girls can knit with ease, and only my youngest has yet to learn pearl so we looked long and hard at what to make that would be slightly challenging but not so hard that they would give up. We stumbled across Knitted Babes and immediately we were hooked. We now have 2 complete dolls and 2 more on the way, plus a whole wardrobe of clothes planned for the future. The best part is that the clothes can be either knitted or stitched so the kids get to use a range of skills.

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