Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bits and Bobs

Finally finished a little lamb that I started last week. Not sure if I'm happy with the end result. Will do the whole thing again to see if I can improve him and use a different yarn I think.

Here he is anyway.

Spent the morning working on a new activity for my school sewing group to do. Need to work out how to do a stem, probably use art straws or a lolly stick. This should keep them going for the last 2 weeks before the spring holiday!

Need to plan next terms projects now.....hmm...I'm thinking bugs, watch this space.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Happy, happy, happy.

Look what arrived in the post this morning.
I am now the proud owner of a set of nesting ducks made by ginghamworld, and I am so happy. They are very, very cute.
I will be keeping them in my room away from sticky little fingers.
Have to find a safe place for them.....

Easter Sunday was fun. After spending the morning at the ice rink with my girls, I headed over to my mams for food and games. It was very noisy and very enjoyable. In total there were 17 for lunch, then later my brother turned up with his 3 boys and his wife and the bump! I am still recovering from eating too much food and probably wont need to eat for another few days!

Here is the table(s) set for 17. It was a tight sqeeze but we managed it. Good job my mam has a lovely big house otherwise we would have had to do seperate sittings.

Some cheeky chickens waiting to be fed!

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Is Here

Happy Easter!

Well today has been spent baking for the family gathering at mams tomorrow.

All my girls made something with a little help from me.

Firstly we made Lemon meringue pie. Then chick cookies, then pineapple upside down cake and finally a chocolate marble cake. Plus when the girls had cleared up I made a whole load of savoury food things too. A very productive day in all. No doubt there will be way too much food as usual!

Monday, 17 March 2008

Easter Eggs

This weekend we spent an afternoon decorating eggs for a family competition. We filled the living room with a huge assortment of crafty bits and bobs and got to work. The girls had a fabulous time creating their entries and I had just as much fun. Still a bit more work to do on one or two but here are the almost finished eggs.

Super cook. Timmy the Sheep, Bunnies house ,
Harry Potter and Jack Sparrow

Monday, 10 March 2008

Crafty 2008

Another year, another set of projects to be getting on with.

Well we got off to a flying start with the knitted babes. A new outfit for my daughters and a whole new doll for me. I did cheat because I bought the kit from Dot Pebbles, but it was so enjoyable to do and now I'm free to accessorize to my hearts content. I'm thinking of doing the cowgirl clothes as I really love the look. Perhaps by the summer I will have them done. Don't you just love the fabric of her dress? I do. I also love the colour of the dressing gown and it knitted up so quickly. I have started a baby fairy but it may be put on hold for a while due to the girls having too many afterschool activities and me being the taxie woman!!

So what else has 2008 brought about, well easter is just around the corner so my daughter decided to make bunnies for all her friends, well with a little help from mum that is.
They have turned out lovely and I'm sure her friends will be delighted to receive one. I knitted a quick ballet bunny for my daughter so she had something for herself.

And seen as though the sewing machine was out, I ran up a little doll just so I could use up some fabric I'd been stashing away.

So far it has been a very creative new year and it can only get better. So many projects and so little time eh! Can't wait to get stuck into the next one.