Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Happy, happy, happy.

Look what arrived in the post this morning.
I am now the proud owner of a set of nesting ducks made by ginghamworld, and I am so happy. They are very, very cute.
I will be keeping them in my room away from sticky little fingers.
Have to find a safe place for them.....

Easter Sunday was fun. After spending the morning at the ice rink with my girls, I headed over to my mams for food and games. It was very noisy and very enjoyable. In total there were 17 for lunch, then later my brother turned up with his 3 boys and his wife and the bump! I am still recovering from eating too much food and probably wont need to eat for another few days!

Here is the table(s) set for 17. It was a tight sqeeze but we managed it. Good job my mam has a lovely big house otherwise we would have had to do seperate sittings.

Some cheeky chickens waiting to be fed!

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michelle said...

Oh, I am so glad they made it safely! I always worry sending things across oceans! So glad you like them, they look very happy to be there!