Monday, 10 March 2008

Crafty 2008

Another year, another set of projects to be getting on with.

Well we got off to a flying start with the knitted babes. A new outfit for my daughters and a whole new doll for me. I did cheat because I bought the kit from Dot Pebbles, but it was so enjoyable to do and now I'm free to accessorize to my hearts content. I'm thinking of doing the cowgirl clothes as I really love the look. Perhaps by the summer I will have them done. Don't you just love the fabric of her dress? I do. I also love the colour of the dressing gown and it knitted up so quickly. I have started a baby fairy but it may be put on hold for a while due to the girls having too many afterschool activities and me being the taxie woman!!

So what else has 2008 brought about, well easter is just around the corner so my daughter decided to make bunnies for all her friends, well with a little help from mum that is.
They have turned out lovely and I'm sure her friends will be delighted to receive one. I knitted a quick ballet bunny for my daughter so she had something for herself.

And seen as though the sewing machine was out, I ran up a little doll just so I could use up some fabric I'd been stashing away.

So far it has been a very creative new year and it can only get better. So many projects and so little time eh! Can't wait to get stuck into the next one.

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michelle said...

These are amazing! I just love the knitted dolls! oh, and the rag doll so cute too!