Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sunny, happy, happy day.

Well today has been wonderful. I got to meet the queen of crafty blogland, the lovely lucylocket .And the amazingly talented charlie p. I was, I have to say, a little nervous but I have had the best day in ages. Thank you both so much for taking time out of your lives to meet up.
First we went to
ringarosie to indulge in some yarn stroking ! Yes we were all at it. I bought an odd collection of balls for some projects I have in mind. Still in my head so I can't tell!
Then we reluctantly tore ourselves away and went for a coffee. Very exciting things happened then. We had gifts to exchange!!!!
Charlie gave me the most delicious percy pigs all the way from Germany, yummy, yum yum.
Then Lucy produced a bag.

And inside there was a big bar of chocolate and a lovely wallet with camper vans on. (I have a thing about camper vans) Thank you both so much I love them all to bits. (the edible stuff has been attacked already)

We then ate and talked for a couple of hours before sadly having to leave , that was the downer, I didn't want the chatter and laughter to end, you are both such lovely people. BUT we will meet again in the not too distant future :)
I arrived home to find 2 parcels on the floor containing books, Yipee, bedtime reading.
What a lovely end to a perfect day.
Oh but now the kids have to come home! Hey ho, can't have everything.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Monday, Monday,...

The start of another week and it looks like it will be a good one. This morning I sat down and worked my way through one of my "to do" lists, and amazingly ticked off everything by the end of the morning. Part of the list involved making my quilt labels. So I have done them. They're not as neat as I would have liked but the pen was pants!

Just after midday a loud russtling alerted me to a package being dropped through the letter box. And inside was some more delicious fabric by Heather Bailey that I got from etsy . I just love the colours although I don't know what to use it for yet. Will add it to the stash.

Tomorrow I'm off to meet the lovely lucy locket and hopefully charlie p .I'm very excited. We are going to hit the wonderful ringarosie and then head off for coffee and cake. I can't wait to meet my fellow crafters in person.

Thought I'd leave you with a few pictures of previous projects that I have done with the kids in my sewing group. The first 2 are "Ugly Doll" projects, they had to design then make their own doll. It was fantastic and we ended up with 14 completely different dolls. I'll add them to flicker sometime.

The third picture is of magic web pictures. Don't you remember everyone doing these in the 70's?

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saturday again!

My goodness where do the weeks go to, there's another one gone. I'm sure it's a sign of getting older, time never went so fast when I was a kid.
Well I survived the sewing group yesterday. I had 10 girls (aged 7-9) and fortunately they had all been before so they knew the basics. Phew! There was a lot of happy chit chat but I'm fine with that so long as they don't mess about. They have all managed to sew their first to sides together and are thrilled with the whole "Fatties" idea. I can't post pictures of the kids as I don't have parental permission, but I will post their finished fatties.

So aside from that I've managed a few little projects of my own. Two gorgeous door hanger kitties. I've had this pattern for ages and must have made at least 50 in the past but couldn't resist another two. And I knitted up Bunny Boo in 4ply yarn on 3mm needles and she has come out really sweet. I think I prefer her to the original, she's only 13cm from the top of her ears to her chin, cute.

This afternoon I'm busy making my youngest daughter a Character dance skirt. She started learning Northumberland Clog Dancing at the start of this year and is in her first display next weekend, so I must get it done. The photo below is of some of the older girls in the dance school .

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

More Postie Love

This morning a parcel popped through my door. The postman is learning not to knock anymore, but stuff through and run. I've obviously been over zealous in the past !!!
Anyway, the little package contained the little quilt from Katy that I won on her favourite bird blog. It also had some scrummy fabric that I wasn't expecting. Thank you so much Katy, the bird quilt is beautifully made and will be going on my quilt wall.
Today so far I've been working on another 2 mini quilts! I just can't stop now. I've also started 4 angels to compliment the quilts as they use up all the tiny scraps I have left. Pictures will have to wait until the swap is over as I don't want to spoil any surprises.

The lovely Laura from cupcakesforclara has allowed me to use her fatties as inspiration for the sewing group I run at school. So last night I sat with my girls and had a trial run to see where the kids may encounter problems. The end results were fantastic, I just hope the kids at school manage as well, somehow I think I'll be:-/ tearing my hair out/wishing I had 12 pairs of hands/needing to change my name as they holler Mrs. Quilty I need help for the millionth time. But you never know, I may have a group of super sewers.......I can but hope.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Bunny Boo Pattern

bunny boo
Originally uploaded by quilty2008

Ok here's the pattern as promised for Bunny Boo.
50gm DK yarn
4mm needles
toy filling
black/white felt
general sewing supplies

Make 2 exactly the same.
1.Cast on 10 stitches.
2. Increase into every stitch by knitting into the front and back. (20 st)
3. next and every alt. row purl.
4.Increase 1 stitch at each end of next and every knit row until 30 stitches.
5. purl.
6. work in stocking stitch for 10 rows
7. Decrease at each end of next and every knit row until 18 stitches.
8.Divide for ears. knit 9 stitches, turn. work on these 9 stitches to make first ear.
9. purl
10. Increase 1 stitch at each end of next and every knit row until 15 stitches.
11. purl
12 work in stocking stitch for 14 rows.
13. decrease 1 stitch at each end of next 7 rows (purl rows too) 3 st.
14. Knit 3 together
15 fasten off.
16. Rejoin yarn to remaining 9 stitches and complete second ear to match first.
17. Make secong head.
18. place heads right sides together, pin and starting from base sew all the way around leaving a small opening at cast on edge for stuffing.
19. Turn right side out.
20. sew a gather stitch along the base of each ear, pull up tight and fasten off.
21. stuff head firmly and sew up base.
22. Using photo for guidance sew eyes, nose and mouth onto Bunny.

Hope you enjoy making one of your own. I've tried one in 4ply on smaller needles and it looks so sweet.

Edited July 2008.

Jola of
http://aglayasknittinggarden.blogspot.com/ designed a chart for Bunny Boo's face and is happy to share it with you all.Please feel free to print off pattern to use at a later date.

Friday, 18 April 2008


Ok so I can't wait any longer, I have to give you all peeks of what I've been up to. Not big peeks mind, just little ones. I can't believe how much I've managed to do with the kids off school and all. So next week when they go back I should get so much more done, oh no, coz then I'll have to go to work too and do housework, pah. Oh well....here are the small peeks into my sewing world of the last few days.
All right it doesn't really give anything away, other than a few fabric samples and shapes.
And there is a small angel peeking out there. She's been watching over me while I work.

Oh, forgot to say, postman brought me my first ever moo cards today and I LOVE them. How come I didn't discover them sooner, I have needed these forever. Ha, ha, I'm so easily amused.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Sneak peek!

Been beavering away on my little quilt (s) today. Got number 3 on the go now, can't seem to stop now I've started. The one for the swap is almost complete, another one for a new friend is all but done and the third is for me!
Sneaky peep at some of the scraps left over from my work. No finished pictures as yet, can't give it all away. Will take some more sneak peeks later in week.

Spent yesterday with my sister. We had planned a picninc on the beach, but the weather and the tide had other plans. By the time we walked down there it was pouring and the tide was fully in. So we sat on the prom. in a shelter and had our picnic. It was fun and beat staying in the house again.

The kids didn't seem to care. My 3 girls and my sisters 2 kids were soaked through and still smiling. And when we got home my eldest daughter stopped revising and joined us for chips in front of the TV. Ha, ha, then the sun came out!!!! Typical.

Monday, 14 April 2008

Softies Awards 2008

Well I decided to bite the bullet and enter into the Softies awards 2008. This little lovely is my entry. I made her for my daughter as she loves rabbits. She has some tiny bunny heads that my brother bought her but she looses them in bed all the time so she asked me to make her a bigger one. I entered her into the pink category as she most definately is. The other entries are fantastic and of a far higher standard but what the heck I'll give it a go.

softiescentral is where you'll find it all going on.
I'm going to post the pattern for her in a week or so so you can all have one.
I was going to post some sneak glimpses of my mini quilt but I think it will spoil the surprise so it's under lock and key for now. All I'm going to say is it's finished bar the label on the back which I'm doing today. Then I'm going to start another as I'm not 100% satisfied with this one. I'd forgotten how satisfying making mini quilts was.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

I love my Postman!!!

He's been again, with another parcel.
And this time he brought me the cutest little package ever.
A gorgeous robin fatty, handmade by Laura of
Isn't he just adorable, and the packaging was just as special.

I just love him to bits.

Now, where shall I put him........

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Wonderful wednesday.

Today the postie arrived with packages, yipee, I love getting post.
Two parcels contained fabric:-
The other had patterns.
So I had to use both fabric and pattern right away and here is what I made.

A lovely little Hooty.
In the background you can see the start of a patchwork quilt my daughter has started making.
More pictures of that to follow as it progreses.
Hoping to start on the quilt swap tomorrow.

Monday, 7 April 2008

Mini quilt swap

Well I've just signed up for my first blog swap and I'm rather excited and a little scared. The lovely Lucy Locket is hosting a mini quilt swap and it looks to be as varied as the bloggers who are entering. I can't wait to see who I'm matched to and look forward to making some new friends along the way.
Anyway for inspiration here are some good sites to browse:-
ninepatch doll quilt
logcabin pattern
I also have some good books and patterns which may be worth a look.And of course I will add photos of my progress as and when they happen.
Off to look through my books now............