Saturday, 26 April 2008

Saturday again!

My goodness where do the weeks go to, there's another one gone. I'm sure it's a sign of getting older, time never went so fast when I was a kid.
Well I survived the sewing group yesterday. I had 10 girls (aged 7-9) and fortunately they had all been before so they knew the basics. Phew! There was a lot of happy chit chat but I'm fine with that so long as they don't mess about. They have all managed to sew their first to sides together and are thrilled with the whole "Fatties" idea. I can't post pictures of the kids as I don't have parental permission, but I will post their finished fatties.

So aside from that I've managed a few little projects of my own. Two gorgeous door hanger kitties. I've had this pattern for ages and must have made at least 50 in the past but couldn't resist another two. And I knitted up Bunny Boo in 4ply yarn on 3mm needles and she has come out really sweet. I think I prefer her to the original, she's only 13cm from the top of her ears to her chin, cute.

This afternoon I'm busy making my youngest daughter a Character dance skirt. She started learning Northumberland Clog Dancing at the start of this year and is in her first display next weekend, so I must get it done. The photo below is of some of the older girls in the dance school .


michelle said...

Cute projects!Glad you survived the sewing group too. Lucky for your daughter she has a mom to help her out with the skirt!

pink-petal-designs said...

Glad your sewing day all went ok. LOVE your cat door hangers, very cute.
Sarah x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Where is your daughter doing the clog dancing? that sounds like such fun! Glad the sewing group went well.

Lucy x

P.S. really looking forward to next week now!

Farmyard Crafts said...

Hi! Thanks for your comments on my blog! Good on you for giving it a go! Thanks heaps also for adding me to your list too!! Appreciate it! You're very talented! Good on you! You sound like you're rather busy with kids and sewing and working!!

Rachelmp said...

Ohhhh, 10 little girls to teach! I'm impressed! Your work on the go looks fantastic too x Rachel

Farmyard Crafts said...

My good intentions didn't end up with me doing the Noah's Arc stuff!! We can both procrastinate together! I have too many unfinished things floating around. Maybe we should vow to get some unfinished stuff done before starting new things!!! Nah!! Probably not!! Good on you for teaching 10 girls at a time!

Charlie P said...

Aww, I love the door cats and bunny boo :)