Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sunny, happy, happy day.

Well today has been wonderful. I got to meet the queen of crafty blogland, the lovely lucylocket .And the amazingly talented charlie p. I was, I have to say, a little nervous but I have had the best day in ages. Thank you both so much for taking time out of your lives to meet up.
First we went to
ringarosie to indulge in some yarn stroking ! Yes we were all at it. I bought an odd collection of balls for some projects I have in mind. Still in my head so I can't tell!
Then we reluctantly tore ourselves away and went for a coffee. Very exciting things happened then. We had gifts to exchange!!!!
Charlie gave me the most delicious percy pigs all the way from Germany, yummy, yum yum.
Then Lucy produced a bag.

And inside there was a big bar of chocolate and a lovely wallet with camper vans on. (I have a thing about camper vans) Thank you both so much I love them all to bits. (the edible stuff has been attacked already)

We then ate and talked for a couple of hours before sadly having to leave , that was the downer, I didn't want the chatter and laughter to end, you are both such lovely people. BUT we will meet again in the not too distant future :)
I arrived home to find 2 parcels on the floor containing books, Yipee, bedtime reading.
What a lovely end to a perfect day.
Oh but now the kids have to come home! Hey ho, can't have everything.


Katy said...

oh, I am a bit (well, a lot) jealous of you 3 Geordie types hanging out together today! I think I would have struggled to understand you all together, but I would have had a fab time!

Charlie P said...

YEY! I'm glad you had such a good day, it was so lovely to meet you both :) My fab pink cat looks great hanging on my wardrobe door (couldn't bear to put it on my actual door as it means I wouldn't be able to se it!)

Enjoy the bedtime reading!

p.s. love that photo of Lucy right at the top- it's very life-like, don't you think?

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh Damn! You didn't get my good side in that photo! It was soooooooooo lovely to meet you - do I really have to wait another 2 weeks - I've got loads more talking to do!!!! That Crafter's Companion is a LOVELY book - you get to read all about how, where and why people craft - it is great!

See you soon, Lucy x

Suzie Sews said...

OH wow, what a fab day, I have been blogging for a while now and I have to admit I am too scared to meet up with people, everytime though i read about a meet up it sounds like the best time...Love your chice of books, the crafters companion is a favourite of mine...

michelle said...

What a fun day! I love blog friends, I wish I could meet them all!

Farmyard Crafts said...

Sounds like you three had an excellent time Clare! Good to hear! Fingers cross time allows you to all do it often! Imagine if you got a block of Cadbury Chocolate every time!! Is Cadbury everywhere? I thought it was Australian!!

Lesley said...

Great photo of Locket - she scrubs up well doesn't she?!!

Glad you all had a good day. I wasn't envious either - even when Locket phoned me and went on and on and on about what a fab day she'd had!!!

I hope you enjoy your books. I loved reading crafter's companion.


Rachelmp said...

What a lovely day! Your mini quilt looks great on Lucys blog too!