Saturday, 31 May 2008

Half Term

Well I have been away from blogging all week with it being half term and all that. However, there has been plenty of activity in the Quilty house over the week so it may take a few posts to catch up on it all.
Firstly, on Tuesday I went to meet a lovely young woman called Rosie who is the daughter of one of my school colleagues. She has recently graduated from Uni and is in the process of setting up her own business selling bespoke wedding tiaras and hair accessories. She is the most talented person I have met in a while and I was in total in awe of her creations. You can find her brand new website here
 . She is hoping to have a little bit of work for me in the near future so it was a sort of informal interview. We had a good chat and I did a bit of sewing so she could see my needlework skills. It was a very exciting and inspiring afternoon. Rosie is also a finalist in the if we can you can entrepreneurs competition and would love some extra votes, so if you like what you see you can vote by texting "Challenge Rosie Willett" to 0762 480 3199 or email "challenge Rosie Willett"to Right that's my plug done, I have all my fingers crossed for her.

On the sewing side, the girls and I have been doing a little bit more on our Family Flower Garden quilt. We started it 2 summers ago and it comes out every holiday. The girls sew the flowers and I sew it all together and add the pathway.
It's going to take many years to complete but we are having so much fun making it. (you can just see Flat Maya inspecting the work) It will become a family heirloom and will be treasured for years to come.
We had a little trip to Babara's wool shop, where I indulged myself with a nice selection. (forgot to take photos of wool) I also got a picture of Flat Maya posing in the window. I must have looked nuts photographing a cardboard cut out, but who cares.
The new wool has been put to use already and I have created 2 new softies. Hopefully I'll post the pattern as soon as a write it up.
The largest one is called Ziggy and the smaller one is called Boing. (I've yet to photograph Boing)

They are very silly but I love them. Plus I had a go at knitting in beads while I was making them and I'm very pleased with the results. It was far easier than I thought.
I also made some more crochet items, I'll post those later.
There was another shopping trip to a little home style shop where I bought one or two things for my bedroom. I still need to photo them, but I need to clean my room first!!!!

The week has passed very fast and I don't want it to end, having time with my girls is so much fun, I miss them when they go back to school.
However it will give me time to work on the many swaps I have signed up for.
Maree and I are doing a mini quilt swap as she missed Lucy's.
pink petal designs is having a kitchen themed swap.
Katy is having a Russian dolls swap
and there's a knitted babe style challenge about to start on Ravelry.
So I am going to be one busy girl.
Will post more half term goodies later when i have caught up on the housework!

Monday, 26 May 2008

Family time.

Yesterday there was no crafting done at all because I went to my sisters house to celebrate the Christening and first birthday of her daughter Rosie. First there was a lovely (but long) service at the church. The priest involved all the young kids and had them out at the front helping. It caused a few laughs too. Before he blessed the holy water he asked the kids what we needed water for. Rob said "to drink", Georgia said "to wash "and then Dom, who is a right character, said "to keep your fish in". Well that had the congregation in hoots of laughter. I just love it when kids come out with stuff like that.
After the service we went back to Jane's and the party began in earnest.
This is the beautiful cake Jane made for the Christening.
She also put on a fabulous spread. Sadly I forgot to photograph it before it was attacked so here is the half eaten photo.
There was plenty of this going on too. My sister Angie kept every ones glass full! Even mum managed to get merry which was quite funny, especially when she started to dance with a chicken drumstick!
The kids had a wonderful time. All 10 of the cousins get on well, there wasn't a single argument all afternoon.
Even the big kids had a fun. Mostly revolving around food and drink! Jane managed to grab a few mins to sit down and eat while I took over kitchen duty for a while.
Look what we had for dessert, a fruit terrine. Jane is a clever girl to do all this and look after 3 kids at the same time.
But it was all too much for the birthday girl who slept away most of the afternoon.
All in all, it was a wonderful family day.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Has it been a whole week already?

My goodness has it been a whole week since I last posted? This week has just flown by and I feel as though i haven't done a thing even though I've never stopped.
The weather has been glorious at long last and I managed to catch a little sun whilst ripping up the rotted decking in the back garden and sitting outside to sort the sewing for the kids at school. And today they finished their "Fatties" project. I took the idea from the wonderful
cupcakesforclara who was kind enough to let me use her creations for inspiration. Now obviously the kids work was a far cry from her beautiful fatties, but I was very impressed with what they have produced. In total it took them 5 weeks to complete (with a tiny bit of help from the sewing fairy). I just love the fact that you can see their sweet little stitches. They have done so well and I'm very proud of them all.

Just look at the eyes on this little fella, he's got extra eyelashes.

They all managed to finish and have taken them home, where no doubt they will be used as footballs over the half term holiday! Kids!
My obsession with amigurumi is still in full flow and tonight I whipped up a nest and a couple of chicks. They look a little scary so I think I'll use felt for the beak and eyes next time. I just can't get enough of this new craft. The best part is that it's helping me use up all my little odds and ends of yarn, so eventually I will have to go and buy more, yipee.

I got this pattern from
here it's just so sweet.
Well half term is upon us now, not sure what I'm going to do with the little lovelies, just praying that the good weather stays and we can get on the beach at least once. I'm sure I'll find some time for crafting too, got to get my priorities right.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Mini Quilt Swap

WooHoo Look What Arrived Today!!!
Postie brought a mini quilt from
the lovely kitschy . I was desperate to rip it open but I restrained myself and went to grab my camera. Inside was the most beautifully wrapped package. Just look at that brooch on the front, I knew then that I was going to love my mini quilt.

I'd like to say that I carefully unwrapped the parcel and neatly folded the tissue paper to use again......
but I didn't,
I saw the tape on the back and then just ripped it open.
The kitchen was filled with oohs and aaaahs from my daughters as we all saw what was inside.
Here is my fabulous mini quilt, done in my favourite colours of red and black. (yes I know I'm weird but I do also love pinks too and that would have totally clashed!) I just love the detail too, it's very much in
kitschy's style and I just LOVE it. It's already hanging up in my living room. Thank you so much Kate.

In with the mini quilt was also a little package of goodies. Some fab ribbon, cute buttons and of course the gorgeous brooch.

Not only that, but Kate also sent me a little something else for knitting
Mr.P 029 some tank tops. Thanks Kate, you really didn't need to do that I was itching to make those tank tops. I love the bag especially the little tissue holder inside, it's just fantastic.

It has been so much fun taking part in
Lucy lockets mini quilt swap I can't wait for the next one now. I know lots of other people are thinking the same so a big THANK YOU to Lucy for organising the swap, we love you xxxx

Finally, a little picture of my latest crochet project. My Russian dolls.(pattern from
etsy )
I am so addicted to this amigurumi crochet lark now. I have at least 5 projects lined up in the "need to do pile".
Sadly I have a stack of other sewing things that need doing for friends before I can get on with my wish list. Well I'm sure they can wait.......
Right off to watch Britain's got talent. Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Coffee, Cakes and Crochet.

What a lovely day I had yesterday. lucy came over to my house for coffee (well tea) cakes and crochet and a lot of chatting. We ate some delicious cakes, lemon muffins and strawberry cream scones, mmmmmm, yummy.

Then we settled down and I had a go at teaching Lucy amigurumi stlye crochet. Very hard to do when your talking at the same time, but I think she has got the hang of it. Next time we'll have a look at decreasing and maybe a bigger project.The 4 hours passed way too quickly and poor Lucy even ended up being late getting on the metro home as we couldn't stop gassing. Ooops! So much to talk about and so little time. She'll just have to come back soon for more cakes, er I mean chat.
Can't wait to see her finished product, although I think she may be a little shy with it. I completed my little blue owl last night while watching my 3rd daughter at the ice rink. he is now sat on her desk to help her with her SAT's!!!

Yesterday also brought post from America.
Flat Maya arrived at my house on one of her adventures. She is made by Joan and is travelling the world. Anyone wanting to have a visit from flat Maya should contact Joan here and she'll post one out to you or you could contact me and I could forward her o to you after she's finished her stay here. So today I introduced Maya to my knitted babes, Flora and Fauna. They were very pleased to meet an American friend and are looking forward to showing her the local sites.
The rest of today is going to be spent completing a fix up for a friend who ripped her favourite skirt on holiday and needs some magic working on it. I hate it when something like that happens, hopefully I'll be able to return it to it's former glory.
Hope the sun is shining where you are (it isn't here!!!!)

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Sun and Fog, what is with the weather?

Saturday was glorious, after doing my weekly shop I sat in the back garden and made these for a certain crochet pigeon ( here he is). I got 2 done very quickly and a third this afternoon.
Saturday afternoon I took my tribe along the road to my sisters house and we had a fab afternoon and BBQ sitting in the sun. I even managed a glass of wine and didn't fall asleep within the hour! It was like a summer fact I think that was the summer!
Woke up this morning to fog horns blaring out, yes the sun was blotted out by rolls of fog and despite managing to peek through for an hour this afternoon it wasn't a patch on yesterday. A hazard of living by the sea. So I settled myself down and completed 2 mini quilts made with the fabric I did my swap in. I didn't do it all today (I'm not that fast) I just finished them off. Now they can go in my bedroom.

Tomorrow Lucy is coming for coffee and I'm going to teach her to crochet. Not sure how it will go as I've only just learnt myself, but just having her round for a chat is enough to make me smile.

Thursday, 8 May 2008


My postman has just called and with him he brought a parcel from Sarah at pink-petal-designs. We had arranged a swap last month and both posted out on Tuesday.
Well I grabbed my camera and opened the parcel.
I was completely overawed at what was inside. Thank you so much Sarah, you are way too generous and kind. Here are the goodies before I ripped off the tissue paper.
Inside there was....a cheque book cover, a notebook and one of Sarah's lovely crochet brooches.
Then there was a knitting needle case and some knitting needles to go in it and a sweet little needle and pin case .
Then, yes more, there was this lovely library tote bag which I know my eldest daughter will be trying to steel as she is mad about strawberries.
Ant then, yes more still, there was a ball of Rowan cotton braid, a reel of cotton, the most beautiful buttons I've ever seen and...........a key fob and card.
Thank you so much for such a generous swap. I love it all and will no doubt lay it all out several times today and just stand back to admire your work. Thank you.
What a wonderful way to make new friends.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

May Bank Holiday

They greyness that was Sunday finally gave way to a lovely warm May Bank Holiday Monday. There was a definite hint of summer in the air as we headed off to wallington Hall for my youngest daughters dance display. I took my travel sickness pills, and for once they worked without leaving me spaced out, and we arrived there safe and sound.

There was a little bit of May Pole dancing accompanied by a weird and wonderful folk group.
Followed by Highland Dancing from the
Wilkinson School of Dance.
Then my little blondie took to the stage with 2 older girls to dance a traditional Northumbrian Clog dance to the Hornpipe. What a star, not a step out of place and the youngest there too. A very proud moment. Then we walked the gardens before heading back to my mams for a big roast dinner. A fantastic day all round.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Bank Holiday, Wet Again!

Another Bank Holiday, another day of rain. Please, please let the sun shine tomorrow, let's just have one nice day.
In order to combat the depressive feelings associated with the general greyness of North East England, I felt a little retail therapy was in order. So I headed into town, and bought this.....
and this.
The bag was half price in a sale and I couldn't resist.
The wool has already been played with and I made this.
Just needs the face putting on. I'll do that tonight in front of the telly.
As well as shopping I got crafty with the kids too. They are obsessed with "Little House on the Prairie" at the moment, reading the books, watching the DVD's and all their games are centred around the stories. So yesterday we dug out some boxes and had a go at making the Ingalls' Home. I think for a quick 30min job it looks fab, and it will provide so many hours of play. My eldest is going to paint it up later.
The fun you can have with a cardboard box and a roll of masking tape.

Friday, 2 May 2008


Oh dear, I knew this would happen, it always does. I've got the hang of this crochet lark, but now I've started I'm totally addicted to it. Bought a pattern on etsy last night and today...voila! baby owl,
Very, very cute.

Quickly followed by mumy owl.
At least it's using up all my odds-n-ends of yarn.....For Now!

Hope you all have a good Bank Holiday weekend. I'll probably be doing more crochet!!!!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Quiet times.

Well after all the excitement of meeting bloggy friends on Tuesday I've had a couple of quiet days. Yesterday was work and although I never stopped it was very relaxing. I even spent my lunch hour drawing so the kids had an example to look at. I haven't sat and drawn since I was at school myself so that was sheer luxury. It's not the best of drawings but for a first go at a Van Gogh (Stary Night) I think it was ok. Ha who am I kidding , it's pants, but way better than anything the kids produced so that gave me a buzz (heehee)

Today I had 2 of my girls at home due to schools being shut for elections. They both had loads of homework to be getting on with so I decided to try my hand at crochet again. (Inspired by Charlie P's lovely pigeons.) Now I've never managed to get the hang of crochet but I was in a determined mood and armed with my new yarn and sheets of instructions of the tinternet I got stuck into it. Me thinks I may have cracked it, either that or I've cracked up and completely lost the plot.
Who's that peeping out of the toadstool?
(still needs it's spots!)

Oh it's a little ladybird family.
But they're not regular

They are evil ladybirds, with strange googly eyes!

Yep I've definitely lost it!