Friday, 2 May 2008


Oh dear, I knew this would happen, it always does. I've got the hang of this crochet lark, but now I've started I'm totally addicted to it. Bought a pattern on etsy last night and today...voila! baby owl,
Very, very cute.

Quickly followed by mumy owl.
At least it's using up all my odds-n-ends of yarn.....For Now!

Hope you all have a good Bank Holiday weekend. I'll probably be doing more crochet!!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Oh my goodness those owls are amazing - please can I come round to play so you can teach me how to make them too? I promise I'll be good and I'll try to be quiet and not talk too much (but that may prove tricky!!!)

Lucy x

michelle said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is the cuteset thing ever! He just looks so cute there in your hands! I love them both, you should be so proud! Makes me want to learn how to do that!

pink-petal-designs said...

Iv'e tried so hard to do amigurumi and can't do it, i get so mad with it lol.Those owls are so good !!
Sarah x

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

Ahhh - that baby owl is so cute - and not so scary!! In fact he looks frightened, probably sitting too near to those giant ladybugs!!
Have a great weekend, Barbara x

Lesley said...

I can't believe you've only just started crocheting - your owls and ladybirds and toadstool are all GORGEOUS!!!!

I happen to think your version of Starry Night is rather good :)


lucykate crafts... said...

the owls are so, so cute!

Katy said...

Gasp gasp gasp, I think I am having some kind of seizure....those owls are GORGEOUS!!!!

Rachelmp said...

They are just so cute!

Farmyard Crafts said...

Clare they are gorgeous! I can't believe that you only just learnt how to crotchet!! CLEVER!