Sunday, 4 May 2008

Bank Holiday, Wet Again!

Another Bank Holiday, another day of rain. Please, please let the sun shine tomorrow, let's just have one nice day.
In order to combat the depressive feelings associated with the general greyness of North East England, I felt a little retail therapy was in order. So I headed into town, and bought this.....
and this.
The bag was half price in a sale and I couldn't resist.
The wool has already been played with and I made this.
Just needs the face putting on. I'll do that tonight in front of the telly.
As well as shopping I got crafty with the kids too. They are obsessed with "Little House on the Prairie" at the moment, reading the books, watching the DVD's and all their games are centred around the stories. So yesterday we dug out some boxes and had a go at making the Ingalls' Home. I think for a quick 30min job it looks fab, and it will provide so many hours of play. My eldest is going to paint it up later.
The fun you can have with a cardboard box and a roll of masking tape.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Yet another thing we have in common! My girls love Little House on the Prairie although Fred is not so keen!

Your house is fantastic - I love how you've got Laura and Mary's bedroom right!

Did you know you can get LHP inspired craft books too?

Looking forward to seeing what the house looks like after painting!

lucy x

Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

The North-East-Gloom is all Lucys fault - she ordered the weather when she got the hosepipe out and watered the allotment! See you've been making mahoosive progress this weekend - all looks great. I Used to love LHP - (but I didn't like that spoiled girl with the blond ringlets). It's years since I've seen it on telly.

Barbara x

Rachael Rabbit said...

what an amazing house!

Lesley said...

Oh wow - the Little House is fantastic!! I really must find LHP for the Minx to watch as she'd love it.


Farmyard Crafts said...

That's awesome! I LOVED that show when I was little!! I've wanted to watch it again.... you've inspired me! Good on you and your creativity!

Joan said...

Awesome Clare! Great job with your girls! What fun, it's fantastic! ...It seems you have some future architects and designers to be. :) By the way, I too loved reading Little House on the Prairie books when I was in elementary school...and I'm quite sure my sister still has my books somewhere in her house! ;P Cute creation, by the way...did it get a face yet?

Best wishes,

karen said...

Wow the house look's great
And I've fallen in love with the little crochet doll I can't wait to see it with a face on it.