Thursday, 1 May 2008

Quiet times.

Well after all the excitement of meeting bloggy friends on Tuesday I've had a couple of quiet days. Yesterday was work and although I never stopped it was very relaxing. I even spent my lunch hour drawing so the kids had an example to look at. I haven't sat and drawn since I was at school myself so that was sheer luxury. It's not the best of drawings but for a first go at a Van Gogh (Stary Night) I think it was ok. Ha who am I kidding , it's pants, but way better than anything the kids produced so that gave me a buzz (heehee)

Today I had 2 of my girls at home due to schools being shut for elections. They both had loads of homework to be getting on with so I decided to try my hand at crochet again. (Inspired by Charlie P's lovely pigeons.) Now I've never managed to get the hang of crochet but I was in a determined mood and armed with my new yarn and sheets of instructions of the tinternet I got stuck into it. Me thinks I may have cracked it, either that or I've cracked up and completely lost the plot.
Who's that peeping out of the toadstool?
(still needs it's spots!)

Oh it's a little ladybird family.
But they're not regular

They are evil ladybirds, with strange googly eyes!

Yep I've definitely lost it!


Barbara/Ring-a-Rosie said...

Hi Clare - Those ladybugs are scary, I mean - look at the size of the eyes. What about a caterpiller - imagine the eyes on that!
Great fun, Barbara x

pink-petal-designs said...

well done you, i think they are cute, i keep trying to do it.
Sarah x
Chat soon, been really busy.

michelle said...

YOu are amazing! I can't believe you just knocked them out! I don't think they look evil, just surprised!

Farmyard Crafts said...

Hi Clare - they look great! I can't believe you just sat and made them!! I'm hopeless at knitting and crotcheting as well.

They look excellent.

Kitsch n Zinc said...

I think we can safely say you've cracked the crochet!! You're right their eyes are slightly freaky though, still cute a freaky cute kinda way x

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Wow! Those ladybirds and toadstool are great - you said you couldn't do crochet on Tuesday and now look at you! When you are determined you really are determined aren't you?

I'm very impressed and very envious of your new skill! Lucy xxx