Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Checking in!!

Just a quick post to let you all know I'm still around.
Been spending some quality time with my eldest daughter now her GCSE's are over and that has taken priority over everything else. It seems like so long ago that it was just the two of us at home together before the other 3 arrived. It's so lovely just to natter away to each other without being interrupted. We've had some lovely walks along the sea front together, and spent whole days baking. It's a real treat to have this time, so I'm making the most of it before she gets bogged down with A'levels and disappears off to Uni. So apologies for my absence but I think it's well justified.

Crafty news......
This arrived in the post yesterday, my kitchen swap from
Penny . I just love everything especially the picnic bag with all the goodies for two!! I can see it being well used over the next few weeks for myself and No.1 daughter.
Also received in the last week or so were these goodies that accidentally fell into my shopping cart on etsy!!

A Passport cover from Pink Petal Designs.
A gorgeous purse from
moogsmum which I'm using to keep my hexagons in for the family quilt.
A litle Russina doll from
and Annie Downs newest stitchery book. Plus I'm waiting for the new booklet from
rosalie quinlan to plop on my doormat any day now.
And that's just about it. I'm off to finish sewing sequins on daughter No.3 ice skating dress as she has her first big competition at the weekend. I'm very nervous for her but also so proud at the same time......watch this space, we may have an olympic star in the making.
Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine (in between showers), be back soon xx


Charlie P said...

Hooray! You're still alive :)
Sounds like time away from the blog well spent though. I hope daughter #1's exams went well.
You've certainly got some lovely goodies. Do you find it hard shop in normal shops now? I keep seeing things and thinking "I can get a nicer and better one on Etsy".
Good luck to the ice skating star!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Definitely the best way to spend your time! I hope you and Daughter No.1 continue to have a fab time together before the holidays!

Good luck for the ice skating too!

And lovely crafty goodies as well - and the sun has been fantastic today hasn't it? Far too hot for me though - especially as I have had to sit out in the sun all afternoon for Fred's sports day!

Time for a cool drink for me now!

Lucy xx

Penny said...

Hi Clare,
So glad your goodies arrived safe and sound and that you've already used them! Yay! I'm glad your having such a fabulous time with your oldest!

Kitty said...

Lovely to see you Clare! Although I agree with you that spending precious time with your daughter is a very good reason for absenteeism.

Do you have a note from your mum? :-p

Looks like you are still crafting though, and receiving lovely things through the post too!

Take care, x

Joan, the INFJ said...

welcome back clare! we missed you, are glad you're back but also so happy you had that quality time with your daughter! hooray for both of you and yes, definitely time well spent!

best wishes,

Lesley said...

So glad you are enjoying this precious time together with your daughter - I can't think of a better reason to be away from blogland :)

I'm glad you like your purse and hope it keeps all those hexagons in order!

Those sequins sound like a labour of love - good luck to #3 in the ice skating.


Claire said...

You have some really pretty things in there - you also deserve to take a break from all the stitching and sewing you have been doing for the swaps - I get no end of compliments on the bag you made - I am putting the finishing touches to your swap thingie so hopefully, if life permits I will post next week x Have fun with the kids - you don't get this time repeated and they will cherish as much as you x

Ravenhill said...

What a lovely swap you did and I am so very happy to see that your little Russian Doll arrived safe and sound! The pink floral behind her is so stunning!