Saturday, 26 July 2008

Mail from Down Under.

During the week my poor postman called again with a parcel. he made a comment about how much mail I had been receiving and said he hoped it wasn't anything illegal!!! as if!!! I didn't have the heart to explain about swaps, he wouldn't understand so I'll let him think I'm up to no good instead. As you can see from the stamps (which are beautiful) this parcel came all the way from Australia to me in the UK. That in itself gets me excited. I carefully unwrapped the package .....and found the most beautiful mini quilt inside. The parcel was from Maree from Farmyard Crafts we decided to do this swap as she missed out on Queen Lockets mini quilt swap.
Isn't it beautiful. Maree took her inspiration from the Tilda craft book and has done a lovely job, the photo really doesn't show how gorgeous it is. I just love it to pieces. thank you so much. It is going in my bedroom which is slowly starting to fill up with small quilts :)
Maree also enclosed a few extra goodies, a little angel make up bag, an eye mask and a tiny tea tray which is just the right size for my morning cuppa and a biscuit. So a huge thank you Maree, mine will be with you very soon I promise.
And now I'm going for a cup of tea a slice of homemade window cake (er I mean battenburg) made by mini quilty no.2, hopefully Mr. P has not got to it first!!!


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! I just love those colours - now I'm not sure about what I have put round the edge of yours!

Clever Quilty No.2 - that cake looks fantastic!

Lucy xxx

P.S. Dot has been nagging me ALL DAY to help/let her do cooking - unfortunately we have been so busy with the bedroom clear out that we haven't been able to, but she has definitely been inspired by the young Quilties!

Kitty said...

What a lovely mini quilt! Gorgeous colours and fabric choices.

That cake looks fabulous - you have a young Fanny Craddock in the making?!


Farmyard Crafts said...

That cake is gorgeous! She's done an awesome job! It looks to neat to eat though! Hope there was some left for you, Clare! I'm so glad that the parcel arrived safely and that you like it. It's always hard making something for someone you've never met! I had fun making the quilt with you in mind though!! Thanks for your lovely comments. Maree.

Lesley said...

I love your new mini-quilt and lovely goodies from Maree - uch pretty colours and gorgeous applique!

Great job on the battenburg little Miss Quilty #2 :)


michelle said...

I love getting goodies from all over, so do my kids! Silly Mr. P! You were getting treasure though! Lovely quilt, I have yet to try one of those, one of these days!

Katy said...

that quilt is absolutely beautiful!, and I love the extra goodies you got too!

Congratulations on your new job!!! Great news!

trashalou said...

Great cake! Homemade window cake!! Wow!