Monday, 18 August 2008

Warkworth Castle.

Saturday was spent at
Warkworth Castle as no.4 had another dance display.
So I drugged myself up (in order to get there without puking) and off we went.

The sun was actually shining!!! Although it was quite breezy.

Warkworth is the most beautiful setting to be dancing in, just look at the ruins in the background.

It was the Warkworth Flower festival on Saturday, so there were lots of tents with local produce and homemade items on display. My favourite tent was the handmade goods where I found 2 lovely ladies demonstrating spinning. I chatted to them for a good half an hour. They were producing yarn from fleece and silk. It was amazing to watch and I'm keen to have a go now, something else to take all my hard earned pennies away.
By Saturday evening I was completely worn out and not feeling too good (side effect of the drugs!) and the rain had returned so I curled up in my chair to complete my cowboy...more of him to follow.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Gee Up horse!

Finally I have finished.
So I'd like to introduce you to..
Archie The Mustang.
I made him from this book .
Isn't he just adorable? I'm really pleased with the way he has turned out and am tempted to have a go at another one now.
The saddle is made from felt and hand sewn. I think I'll add a strap to keep in on and maybe make a bridle too.
The blanket is made up of crochet granny squares and of course I had to use my favourite colours of the moment.
Even the riding gear has those colours in. (I wanted to do them in brown but didn't have any)
I think my knitted babes are going to love their new addition. Think I'll make a rough and ready cowboy too so they can have some real fun!!!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Swaps Down Under.

Well finally I can post pictures of the swap I sent to Maree at Farmyard Crafts . I had taken pictures but they seem to have vanished so I've borrowed Maree's (I'm sure she wont mind)
Firstly the mini quilt with a butterfly catcher on it.
Then for her kids I made a bucket from a pattern I've had for years and a crochet doll (from here)
I enjoyed making all these goodies and think they have been a big hit down under too.
Yesterday I took all my girlies to see Mamma Mia (yes second viewing for me and just as good). They loved it and we all sang along throughout, as did most of the audience which was fantastic. Strangely enough the little old lady I was sat next to fell asleep in the adverts before the film and quietly snored her way through most of the film!! Bless.
Today I have nothing planned. There is a kite festival down on the sea front so we may head there. As long as the sun shines I'll be happy. Enjoy whatever you are all doing.

Saturday, 9 August 2008

The Locket's Pay us a Visit.

On Thursday, after much pleading from our children, Lucy Locket and I got together again, this time at my place. The kids were soooooo excited to see each other again and immediately disappeared into various parts of my house, leaving Lucy and I free to have a cuppa and a natter.
We did a shared lunch each providing a bit of this and a bit of that.
No sooner was it out, than the monsters devoured the lot and I only just managed to get a picture.

The young ladies about to go into year 7 went off into the bedroom to do some sewing and private chit chat and then left us and went for a walk to the allotment.

My eldest and Lucy's youngest got on really well too. Little Fred is soooo cute and my no.1 was so good with him, showing him how to play on her prized possession ( a DS)
Isn't that a sweet shot?

After re-filling the dinning table and dragging the roller blading queens in, we all sat down to watch a movie. There were bean bags and cushions all over the floor, not to mention children, popcorn, chocolate biscuits, etc, etc.

One of my daughters seems to have escaped the photo shoot......little minx!
And before they knew it, it was time to go home. There was much protest, Fred tried to attach himself to the table leg so he couldn't go home, and just look at these 2 hugging!!

Don't worry chicks, you'll see each other next week I'm sure.
Thank you Lucy and the lovely little Lockets for a fab day.
When the children are happy it makes me feel happy to, and having another adult to chat crafty things to is just the icing on the cake.

And finally a picture of Harriet Hare that I made from
here . It's was made with "help" from youngest daughter.

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

And so they returned!

My beautiful girlies are home, tired, smelly and happy. They have had a wonderful time but were very pleased to be back home. They had a campfire most nights which they loved but did make them a little smelly.

They went mountain biking in Whinlatter forest. And even though it was raining (as it does in the Lake District) they had a fantastic day.

Their campsite was just outside of Keswick. Just look at the views from the tent! They are breath taking. I could wake up to that every morning .

They brought me......... some chocolate from the Keswick chocolate shop, yummy!

And............ a MAHOOSIVE pile a washing!! This is just the start of it. I've done 3 big loads, there's at least another 4 there, then I have to do the sleeping bags!!! Then I'll have to iron it all.

But I am happy to have them home again. I missed them.

Well I guess I'd better go see to the laundry!! And give my girls another hug.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Not long now.......

.....'till my girlies return, with mountains of wet, dirty, stinking washing. I think I'll herd them straight into the bathroom to be fumigated and go stock up on washing powder this morning. I can't wait to see them though, it has been strangely quiet all week.

Yesterday no.1 daughter and I had a very quiet day. We did a bit of shopping, popped into town to buy some toy filling and spent a couple of hours at the allotment. The day ended with pizza, ice cream and a movie. A great end to our week. I finished knitting my horse (you'll have to wait for photo's) he just needs sewing up, stuffing and accessorising now.

I also signed up for a new Block of the Month quilt from Buttonberry . (see picture below) I just can't resist those colours, they make me feel really happy and I can't wait to have it in my hands and get started.

And that's it for this morning. Will report on the holiday once the chaos of their return has subsided.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Last Day of Freedom

Well the kids return home tomorrow and my peace will be shattered :(
I have missed them, but probably for all the wrong reasons.
I've missed the incessant bickering they all do,
no.2 singing out of tune at the top of her voice over everyone else's noise,
no.4 constantly clog dancing around the house
no.3 with her "eeww I don't like that at" every meal time

Yes I've missed them and am looking forward to seeing them again, but hope they've left some of those traits in the Lake district!! Somehow I doubt it.

As a final treat, no.1 daughter and I went to see Mamma Mia last night.
It was fantastic, I didn't want it to finish. I think it would be great to go with a big group of girlfriends and sing and dance along, it was very hard not to do so. Oh and Pierce Brosnan is just scrummy, even if he's a bit old for me and he can't sing. I'm going back to see it again later this week with all my girls. If you haven't see it yet you really have to go, even if your not a huge Abba fan it's just so funny and makes you feel good.
Also yesterday I did a bit of crafting, but as the camera is camping I have no photos. I made Lenny the Guinea pig from here . The patterns are very easy to use with super diagrams, so go buy yourself a couple and have some fun.

I've almost got my Etsy store front sorted it's here if you want to have a peek. Now I just need to work on my stock. I'm quite scared to be honest, sounds silly, but I worry about copyright issues even though everything is my own design and I worry about value for money and other things too, but if I don't give it a go I'll never know will I? So hopefully in the next month I should have my first items in their.

One final picture (no I'm not going to embarrass my sister again, hee, hee) A lady on Ravelry has been knitting up my Bunny Boo rabbit pattern and just look what she has produced.
A whole basket full of them. I was delighted to know that she loves the pattern and has given a rabbit to all her friends. Think I might get some of them in my store!!

Friday, 1 August 2008

An Afternoon of Sewing.

The girls are away, the sun has stopped shining so what's the best thing to do? Sewing of course.
I had intended to make some of the dolls from the patterns I bought earlier this week but in the end I decided to make the first project from the
The Fat Quarters Club
She is just adorable and I'm going to pop her away until Christmas for a certain little girl who loves dolls. I still need to paint her shoes on but haven't got any green paint so that will have to wait.
Whilst I was busy sewing my doll my eldest daughter (who didn't go camping) decided to make something herself. She had a good look through this book pictured below and a rummage through my scrap box and then went away and made a doll.

Polly is a very weird and wonderful softie and she is very proud of her creation. We had a super relaxing sewing afternoon. This is what holidays are all about.

I'll leave you with a picture of my youngest sister playing one of our craziest games. See how many grapes you can fit into your mouth at one time!! Very immature I know but so, so funny. The record is held by my other sister who managed 16 grapes. You can only place the grape between your teeth and cheeks, not on your tongue. It's so funny and very hard to keep the grapes in your mouth once you start laughing. I'd recommend it for parties, it's gross but good fun.Well you've seen into my crazy world a little, now I'm off to knit......

(Apologies for the grainy pictures, my camera has gone camping so I'm relying on my mobile which just isn't the same.)