Friday, 1 August 2008

An Afternoon of Sewing.

The girls are away, the sun has stopped shining so what's the best thing to do? Sewing of course.
I had intended to make some of the dolls from the patterns I bought earlier this week but in the end I decided to make the first project from the
The Fat Quarters Club
She is just adorable and I'm going to pop her away until Christmas for a certain little girl who loves dolls. I still need to paint her shoes on but haven't got any green paint so that will have to wait.
Whilst I was busy sewing my doll my eldest daughter (who didn't go camping) decided to make something herself. She had a good look through this book pictured below and a rummage through my scrap box and then went away and made a doll.

Polly is a very weird and wonderful softie and she is very proud of her creation. We had a super relaxing sewing afternoon. This is what holidays are all about.

I'll leave you with a picture of my youngest sister playing one of our craziest games. See how many grapes you can fit into your mouth at one time!! Very immature I know but so, so funny. The record is held by my other sister who managed 16 grapes. You can only place the grape between your teeth and cheeks, not on your tongue. It's so funny and very hard to keep the grapes in your mouth once you start laughing. I'd recommend it for parties, it's gross but good fun.Well you've seen into my crazy world a little, now I'm off to knit......

(Apologies for the grainy pictures, my camera has gone camping so I'm relying on my mobile which just isn't the same.)


michelle said...

So fun! I look forward to the day of unsupervised sewing by Brittany! Two supper cute creations! don't you love getting treasures put away early? As long as I don't forget where i hid them, that happens too. Funny grape game too!

Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Both dolls are lovely - but does your sister know you have posted that photo???? So funny! Lucy x

Farmyard Crafts said...

Great creations Clare! That's seriously funny with the grapes... we used to do one (as kids... not yet as adults... one day!!) with marshmallows... and you can't swollow them... just hold them in your mouth and say "Fluffy Bunny".. and each time you can say it and it's understandable you add one more marshmallow.... very silly but fun!!!

Lesley said...

I love your doll and your daughter's one is fantastic!! Great job :)

Your sister is going to be thrilled to see that photo ;)


TattingChic said...

I love love love the angel doll. She is so sweet! That grape game is fun...a choke hazard for sure, but fun!