Wednesday, 6 August 2008

And so they returned!

My beautiful girlies are home, tired, smelly and happy. They have had a wonderful time but were very pleased to be back home. They had a campfire most nights which they loved but did make them a little smelly.

They went mountain biking in Whinlatter forest. And even though it was raining (as it does in the Lake District) they had a fantastic day.

Their campsite was just outside of Keswick. Just look at the views from the tent! They are breath taking. I could wake up to that every morning .

They brought me......... some chocolate from the Keswick chocolate shop, yummy!

And............ a MAHOOSIVE pile a washing!! This is just the start of it. I've done 3 big loads, there's at least another 4 there, then I have to do the sleeping bags!!! Then I'll have to iron it all.

But I am happy to have them home again. I missed them.

Well I guess I'd better go see to the laundry!! And give my girls another hug.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

It looks like they've had a fab time! With an awful lot of washing! But what's all this about ironing? Rude, rude word!

Joan, the INFJ said...

beautiful mountains! glad your girlies are back safe, sound, and soon-to-be-not-so-smelly, despite the laundry pile up! :)

best wishes,
joan x

Summer by the sea said...

Bet you are pleased to have all your girls back at home, but I don't envy that ironing pile! - Natalie x

pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Clare, just been catching up with you, you have been busy making some lovely things and looks like you are going to be even busier now, i dont envy you , i hate the ironing and the putting away after.
Good luck with your new etsy syore im sure you are going to do really well.
Sarah x

silverpebble said...

Hello - have wended my way you-wards via Mrs Locket - I heard she visited you today!! The Lakes is such a beautiful place - my parents live very near there. Many happy memories of rainy days up there. Emma x

Julie said...

Well that is most definitely a BIG pile of washing...poor you. It reminds me of when I used to go camping and take all my washing home to my mum, wish I could still give her all my washing would make life a lot easier!!!

On the subject of mum's and after your comment on my blog, I had to say that my mum also thinks that Talia breastfeeding is VILE..... I just can't comprehend why at all, strange! It's obviously a generation thing.

Good luck with your Etsy store by the way am looking forward to seeing it in action! X

Suzie Sews said...

A good time was had by the looks of for the fun part...ew all that washing....

Lesley said...

It looks like your girls had a wonderful time and by the looks of the washing, lots of good messy fun!!

Good luck!