Monday, 18 August 2008

Warkworth Castle.

Saturday was spent at
Warkworth Castle as no.4 had another dance display.
So I drugged myself up (in order to get there without puking) and off we went.

The sun was actually shining!!! Although it was quite breezy.

Warkworth is the most beautiful setting to be dancing in, just look at the ruins in the background.

It was the Warkworth Flower festival on Saturday, so there were lots of tents with local produce and homemade items on display. My favourite tent was the handmade goods where I found 2 lovely ladies demonstrating spinning. I chatted to them for a good half an hour. They were producing yarn from fleece and silk. It was amazing to watch and I'm keen to have a go now, something else to take all my hard earned pennies away.
By Saturday evening I was completely worn out and not feeling too good (side effect of the drugs!) and the rain had returned so I curled up in my chair to complete my cowboy...more of him to follow.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

No.4 looks gorgeous and so happy dancing - having seen her in action I am sure it was a fantastic performance, she's so good! I'm amazed to see all that lovely sunshine although it was quite good in Durham when we dropped the children off - so good in fact that we had fun flying a kite until I ran with it, slipped and fell splat in a huge swampy bit of the field! Very soggy Lucy Locket by the end of it!


silverpebble said...

Sorry you were feeling pukey - not fun. Hope it's improving now.

That castle is gorgeous and is that Scottish or Irish clog dancing No 4 is doing? That always has such pretty costumes and I love watching the legwork - it's so clever. I always enjoy the folk music too.

Spinning! There's always another craft isn't there!!??

Charlie P said...

Oooh, please do take up spinning!
Looks like daughter #4 will be one of the professionals on Strictly Come Dancing in no time :)

Lesley said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well but I'm sure seeing Miss No4 enjoying herself so much made it all worthwhile!
Hope you're feeling much better now :)