Thursday, 31 December 2009

Goodbye 2009

Another year has flown by, too fast in my opinion.
So fast that many things I had planned to do are left undone.
Ah well there's always next year.
December 2009
The gingerbread house is once again completed.

November 2009

A certain someone celebrates a special birthday.

October 2009

Harry Potter - scarecrow competition.

September 2009
We were so busy we didn't take any photo's!!
August 2009
A family get together at mam and dads place
July 2009
Summer holidays start and the picnics move indoors due to bad weather!!
June 2009
The first harvest from our allotment garden.
May 2009
My dancing girl wins the medals at the Morpeth Gathering clog competition
April 2009
Easter arrives with parties and egg competitions at mam and dads, Plus the chicken pinata game.

March 2009

I completed my first ever shawl this month. Still love it.
February 2009
My girls made a feast of food in the kitchen and I made aprons.
January 2009
My little millenium baby turned time flies.
Wonder what 2010 will bring?
Happy New Year to you all.

Friday, 4 September 2009

All good things come to an end.

Can 7 weeks have really gone by so fast? Sadly yes. Here we are, the last day of the last week of the summer holidays. It has been a lovely break, not very restful but I didn't expect that with 4 girls to keep entertained. The time has been spent on the beach when the weather permited.
Or when the rain arrived (as it has done far too often) we stayed home and stitched or baked. This delicious Tiffin was made from Lucy's recipe and oooh it was soooo yummy. It didn't last very long I can tell you.
We spent an afteroon at the allotment picking blackberries, so ripe and squishy and sweet. Then we made apple and blackberry pie and 6 whole jars of delicious blackberry jelly. It has to be jelly in my house as we have a thing about pips in jam. But it was well worth the extra effort. 2 jars have already been eaten!!! and another 2 given away to family. We may be back for more before September is out.
August ended with a bang. My dad celebrated his 70th birthday with a big party , a Hog Roast no less. It was superb and well worth the expense. The lovely catering guys came at 9.30am to set up, they put the hog in the giant roasting oven and left it their all day slowly cooking away. They served it up at 8pm and ooh it was so moist and flavoursome, I've never tated pork like it before. Sadly I haven't a decent photograph of the roasting beast. But I did find one of my sister, my girls and myself taken on the night.Don't we all look beautiful?

As a final treat to myself for surving the whole 7 weeks without loosing the plot I bought a pine dresser off Ebay for a real bargain price (lets just say it was under £50!!!) I have wanted one for years and plan to paint it eventually but for now it is in my hall with all my favourite pottery bits and pieces on it.

So there it is, hols over, September here and time to go back to work. No doubt I'll be absent for a while now so take care all, I'll be back at half term.

Edited 2.20pm ooh i forgot to add the picture of the quilt top my daughter completed this summer. She started it last year, you may remember seeing a small picture here. well, this is what it looks like now.........

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Girls, girls, girls.

Tent in the car, wellies, sleeping bags, waterproofs..? yes I think we're ready to go.
The first big adventure for the big girls and their girls this summer was a camping trip to the Lake District. Now despite the weather being a little iffy they were all guaranteed a bit of fun.
Map reading skills were put to the test....3 heads are always better than one.
Interesting transport modes were thought of. I hope they've remebered to take their waterproofs!
And when it all got just a little too wet....
The big girls headed indoors for a little bit of this.
And the little girls stayed in the tent for a bit of this..!
Meanwhile back on the not so sunny North East coast, some other little girls were keeping busy.
Enrolling in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Finally they were all reunited after a wet but warm week and the sun finally decided to come out to play.

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Here come the girls.....

At the end of the first week of school holidays the girls decided they wanted to make something. So they had a good rummage through my pattern draw and then we set to work.

First there was fabric to choose. Ooh so much to choose from. Of course they wanted to use my brand new fabrics not the old stuff under the bed. And well I don't blame them. My fabric stash has changed so much over the years, the colours I loved 5 years or more ago just don't do it for me anymore. So I have a HUGE box under the bed full of fabric I no longer like. They wanted to use the Bubblegum basics (see examples here) and the Timeless Treasures Apple fabric, so I took a deep breath and said yes!
We then proceeded to trace, cut and sew our dolls in a conveyor belt fashion. One traced as one cut as one sewed then they all swapped. I could have done with another sewing machine, but my old one is at my mams.Never mind. The older girls managed to do it all by themselves but the youngest 2 needed a little overseeing. By Lunchtime, we had all made a start with various bits stitched and stuffed.

By tea time it was nearly over. A lovely pile of dolly bits were on the floor. This activity had kept them occupied all day! And they were nagging me to make a start on the clothes before I went to bed. This time I put my foot down and said No! it would have to wait until tomorrow.

So there they sat all night, waiting to be put together.

The following day we had a picnic at the park planned so I took the assorted body parts with me and stitched them together while the girls played. By the end or our outing all 5 girls were put together and 4 over excited daughters wanted to go home to make clothes immediately.
So home we went.
And here they are. Ta daa. Five ever so slightly different dolly girls. One dressed and the others still being measured to new outfits.
A big thank you to Jodie for this wonderful pattern.
We have all enjoyed making your Kinder Girls and know there will be more to follow in the near future.

The next holiday installment.....what 3 of the dolls got up to on holiday.....
and what the other 2 did at home.
to be continued.......................

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Summer holidays are here.

Well the gifts have been made and given out. Another school year ends and a chapter is closed as my youngest daughter leaves her first school. For 14 years I have walked my children to and from this place and now it is over. Yes I am working there, but I will be walking alone from now on. No one chattering in my ear and telling me who did what during the day or reciting spellings along the way. She is off to middle school in September and I am no longer needed to do the school fast it has all gone, surely she just started school last year? Ah time to move on and change again.

The gifts this year where handmade book covers. Wise owls for teachers, clogs for dancing teachers.
At last the hols are here and boy do I need a break. My first year as a working mum is over and I've got 7 whole weeks to catch up on house chores and crafting.
It's been a roller-coaster of a year, and a very steep learning curve. I hadn't realise quite how political working in a school could be, something I only just glimpsed at when I was a parent volunteer. There have been friendships made and friendships lost. I have had my eyes opened to adult pettiness that I can't quite believe exists. Yes it's been a funny year. The children I work with have come on well and I am looking forward to being with them next year too.

But for now it's time to slow down, let the frustrations of work float away.

Yesterday we started the break with a good long walk. We packed up a lunch and headed of to the beach. We walked up the coast to the lighthouse.

It was a beautiful day, sun shining , gentle breeze, tide out. We reached the lighthouse and pottered around the rock pools for a while and wandered around the island.

Then it was lunch with a view on a quiet sheltered sandy beach. I love this place, I don't ever want to live anywhere else, it's just so beautiful.

After a bite to eat we headed off again. One young lady had already had enough of walking and was none to happy to notice we were still walking away from home not towards it. But I wanted to show them all the wonderful place they live in. How they live in a town with a city close by and yet just a short walk away they have not only the North East coast but also the beautiful Northumberland countryside.

We reached home as the dark storm clouds finally rolled over. Exhausted sun kissed children .

This is how a holiday should be. Happy, relaxed and tired from the days excursions. Let's have more of the same please.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Easter 2009

Easter has been and gone. Two whole weeks of home time, bliss.
So what's been happening in the Quilty household? Well of course there was the egg decorating competition held at my parents house.
My entry.....a P-egguin.
There has been a little bit of Hex crochet going on thanks to the fabulous tutorial over at attic24. I love this pattern and have already used up 16 balls of yarn!!!!
I have also completed my swallowtail-shawl. I loved knitting this and it only took 2 weeks, can you believe it? I have another one on the needles now in shades of pink.
I also whipped up this delicious bag in a weekend (kemp ) using Noro yarn, it looks like it has been felted but it's just the way the yarn comes out. It was so quick to do. I've lined it and will be using it over the summer.
Monday was back to work so the crafting will take a back seat for the next few weeks :(
However, I'm counting the days untill the summer holidays when I can knit and sew for 7 whole weeks..........can't wait.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Erm, hello.

Yes, yes I know, I haven't been around.
There just isn't enough time in the day to get round to blogging.
So it doesn't get done.
This post will be very short too.
Just wanted to pop in, say hi, thank everyone for checking up on me, and leave you with a few pictures of crafty happenings.
Swallowtail shawl.

The apron I made for my daughters Christmas pressie, made from a Melly and Me pattern as part of The Fat Quarters Club.

And my baby girl turned 9 in January. Where does the time go? It only seems like yesterday that I was recovering from the traumatic birth and just look at her now. How time flies.
Well short and sweet, that's me from now on.
Hope to pop in again soon.