Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Summer holidays are here.

Well the gifts have been made and given out. Another school year ends and a chapter is closed as my youngest daughter leaves her first school. For 14 years I have walked my children to and from this place and now it is over. Yes I am working there, but I will be walking alone from now on. No one chattering in my ear and telling me who did what during the day or reciting spellings along the way. She is off to middle school in September and I am no longer needed to do the school run.......how fast it has all gone, surely she just started school last year? Ah time to move on and change again.

The gifts this year where handmade book covers. Wise owls for teachers, clogs for dancing teachers.
At last the hols are here and boy do I need a break. My first year as a working mum is over and I've got 7 whole weeks to catch up on house chores and crafting.
It's been a roller-coaster of a year, and a very steep learning curve. I hadn't realise quite how political working in a school could be, something I only just glimpsed at when I was a parent volunteer. There have been friendships made and friendships lost. I have had my eyes opened to adult pettiness that I can't quite believe exists. Yes it's been a funny year. The children I work with have come on well and I am looking forward to being with them next year too.

But for now it's time to slow down, let the frustrations of work float away.

Yesterday we started the break with a good long walk. We packed up a lunch and headed of to the beach. We walked up the coast to the lighthouse.

It was a beautiful day, sun shining , gentle breeze, tide out. We reached the lighthouse and pottered around the rock pools for a while and wandered around the island.

Then it was lunch with a view on a quiet sheltered sandy beach. I love this place, I don't ever want to live anywhere else, it's just so beautiful.

After a bite to eat we headed off again. One young lady had already had enough of walking and was none to happy to notice we were still walking away from home not towards it. But I wanted to show them all the wonderful place they live in. How they live in a town with a city close by and yet just a short walk away they have not only the North East coast but also the beautiful Northumberland countryside.

We reached home as the dark storm clouds finally rolled over. Exhausted sun kissed children .

This is how a holiday should be. Happy, relaxed and tired from the days excursions. Let's have more of the same please.


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

Your day sounds idyllic - even if you did walk the girls' feet off!

Love your teacher presents too!

It would be great to see you sometime if you have a free day.

Lucy xxx

michelle said...

Looks like you are off to a great start! Don't forget to share your craftiness!

Farmyard Crafts said...

Hi Clare! Hope you have a beautiful summer holiday. Sounds like you had a lovely day wandering around looking at your part of the world!! JEALOUS!! Hope the girls (and you!) have a great break together. Love your notebook covers too. :) Very nice! :)

TattingChic said...

Oh, you've been busy! It looks like you've traveled to some beautiful places, too! :)

Charlie P said...

Ooh, we do live in a very nice part of the world, don't we? Next time you'll have to walk as far as Seaton Deleval for a lovely Crescent Cafe ice cream. Mmmmmmmm.
Good to see that the day job hasn't stopped your crafting :-)
I particularly like the owl book cover- the colours are fab!