Friday, 4 September 2009

All good things come to an end.

Can 7 weeks have really gone by so fast? Sadly yes. Here we are, the last day of the last week of the summer holidays. It has been a lovely break, not very restful but I didn't expect that with 4 girls to keep entertained. The time has been spent on the beach when the weather permited.
Or when the rain arrived (as it has done far too often) we stayed home and stitched or baked. This delicious Tiffin was made from Lucy's recipe and oooh it was soooo yummy. It didn't last very long I can tell you.
We spent an afteroon at the allotment picking blackberries, so ripe and squishy and sweet. Then we made apple and blackberry pie and 6 whole jars of delicious blackberry jelly. It has to be jelly in my house as we have a thing about pips in jam. But it was well worth the extra effort. 2 jars have already been eaten!!! and another 2 given away to family. We may be back for more before September is out.
August ended with a bang. My dad celebrated his 70th birthday with a big party , a Hog Roast no less. It was superb and well worth the expense. The lovely catering guys came at 9.30am to set up, they put the hog in the giant roasting oven and left it their all day slowly cooking away. They served it up at 8pm and ooh it was so moist and flavoursome, I've never tated pork like it before. Sadly I haven't a decent photograph of the roasting beast. But I did find one of my sister, my girls and myself taken on the night.Don't we all look beautiful?

As a final treat to myself for surving the whole 7 weeks without loosing the plot I bought a pine dresser off Ebay for a real bargain price (lets just say it was under £50!!!) I have wanted one for years and plan to paint it eventually but for now it is in my hall with all my favourite pottery bits and pieces on it.

So there it is, hols over, September here and time to go back to work. No doubt I'll be absent for a while now so take care all, I'll be back at half term.

Edited 2.20pm ooh i forgot to add the picture of the quilt top my daughter completed this summer. She started it last year, you may remember seeing a small picture here. well, this is what it looks like now.........