Friday, 19 February 2010

More half term craftyness.

Well I've definately got my crafty mojo back.
This week not only have a made the Lucy bag, but I've also made 3 book covers too!!!
The pattern comes from
Janelle Wind and I've changed the cover by adding different stitcheries .

The first one is from Mell and Me Christmas club that I did in 2008, the stitchery was on the front of an apron for my daughter .
The second one is also a
Melly and Me pattern taken from Mels book Kaleidoscope.

The last one is a stitchery sold by Allsorts I just love her stitcheries they are so cute.

So there we have it. Three book covers ready to go to their new owners next week.
Now I'm off to finish knitting my tiger for one of the story sacks I'm making. I'm loving being crafty again.

Have a good weekend all.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I love Lucy bag.

Half term has arrived and goodness was I ready for the break. January seemed to last twice as long as it ought to have. However, here we are mid February now and my crafty Mojo has finally returned after hibernating for months on end. This weeks project was to make a crochet bag using the pattern Lovely Lucy wrote. You can find it Here . It was so fast to make and in less than 2 1/2 days I had my very own I love Lucy bag.I used Patons Sorbet yarn which is a chunky yarn, cotton like feel, nice and firm for the bag.(sadly it's hard to find as it's been disscontinued, but ebay has plenty of odd balls and you could try here ) I decided it needed a lining so it would keep it's shape and last longer. So now follows a quick, badly written tutorial on how to make a bag lining.To make the base lining I measured across the diameter of the circle - the part where all the increases are- then drew a template to the same size plus 1/4 seam allowance all around, using a compass and freezer paper. The sides of the bag are made by working out (or measuring) the circumference of the base circle. I measured 1/4 of the way round then multiplied it by 4, my math skills are a little rusty. The height is taken from the last row of increase to the top of the bag, last row of triples. Add 1/2" seam allowance to both height and width measurements. Cut out the pieces.
(there should have been a picture here but it has gone missing!)
Place the two short ends of the bag side right sides together and sew to form a tube.
Mark the tube into 1/4's by folding and placing a pin at the fold. Do the same with the circle base. Right sides together, pin the tube bottom to the base piece matching the pins you have placed and slightly easing the fabric to fit. Slowly sew together.
Press your seams. Fold over the top about 1/4" and press.
Then insert the lining into your bag wrong sides together. Pin the top edge just below the shell edging all the way around, then hand sew all around.....and that's it.