Monday, 3 May 2010

Rainbow quilt

rainbow quilt
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This bank holiday weekend has been spent helping my daughter finish the quilt she has made for her teacher who is going on maternity leave tomorrow.
It's from Melly and Me's Kaleidoscope book and was a joy to make. She chose bright zesty colours which are just beautiful, the white sashing really sets them off.
I think she's a little sad to give it away now, but I know her teacher is going to love it to bits and I'm sure her little boy when he arrives will adore it too.

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Honey Girl said...

It's beautiful! What a wonderfully colorful, thoughtful, and generous gift! I am sure your daughter's teacher will cherish it for years to come -- a family heirloom!

Terrific work!

Peace and love,
a.k.a. Honey Girl ;P