Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Newest member of our family

Introducing... Pansy!
 Yes I know it's a strange name, but it's the one the girls wanted for this handsome fella. He's only 8 weeks old, so has a lot of growing to do, but already he's adored and reasonably friendly.
 Wonder how long it will take the novelty to wear off?
 The girls are all outside with the rabbit enjoying this rare bit of hot sunshine we are having.
I hope it lasts a while as the Easter holidays begin in a week and I can't wait!!

Friday, 18 February 2011

After School Sewing Club

Today was the last day of half term and I am so glad to be having a weeks break.
It has been a very busy 7 weeks and a much needed rest is well overdue.

The after school sewing club that I have ran for the last 6 years have been making their own variation of "Ugly Dolls".
This group of 7-9 year olds have blown me away with their talent.
They designed, then stitched their own creations and for most it was their very first attempt at sewing.
The standard of their work has amazed me. In six 45minute sessions they have outdone any group I have ever taught.
Usually I spend hours unpicking and fixing the work at home so the children always feel proud of their work. (I am the sewing fairy!)
This time however, all that was needed was a few needles re-threaded and some finishing off knots.

What do you think? Outstanding eh?
Next half term I am working with 6-7 year old and we are going to make Easter chicks.
Fingers crossed I have another group of super sewers.
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Sunday, 9 January 2011

How long?????

How has it been since I posted??? Way too long I think.
There has been plenty of crafting going on in my house, mostly crochet and knitting at the moment. I am obssessed with colour and keep needing to inject more into my home. Perhaps it's because it's always so grey and dull at this time of year. Post Christmas blues perhaps. So without any more rambling a few pictures of the lastest makes.
 My beautiful granny stripe blankie, love it sooooo much.
 Snowmen made by myself, my daughter and my niece.
 Halloween goody bags made by my daughter and my niece.
 Granny stripe edging.
A little bit of snow!! Thank goodness it's all gone now.
New years resolutions?....
I must remeber to take pictures of everything I make!
New year means a new term at school and we are starting sewing club again. This term we a revisiting the Ugly Doll project. New kids means fresh ideas, I can't wait to see what they design.