Sunday, 2 September 2012

Getting ready for a new term.

The planning has been going on all holidays.
Many items were stitched in a trial run.
Then the cutting began.
First up will be little red apples.
You can get the pattern from Molly Makes Issue 6, template found online here.
Next up we will be making felt cup cake purses. The pattern can be found here and is by a lovely lady called Sarah who has the most fantastic felt store and a very generous heart as she donated off cuts to my sewing club :-)

And a final make is the school banner I made during the holidays.
It was designed by one of the pupils (a 5 year old) and I spent a couple of weeks transfering her design into a large banner.Hope she thinks I've done it justice.

Right time to do the weeks shopping and get everything ready for the new term tomorrow.

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