Sunday, 7 April 2013

Easter Rabbits

Spring term at school is finally over and it's been a funny one.
The year started with my eldest daughter being seriously ill and spending 2 weeks in hospital. I had to take some time off work to nurse her back to full health and so I have no sewing pictures for you from the first half term.
Fortunately daughter no. 1 is fully recovered and back at Uni now, so the sewing recommenced.
We made some hearts for mothers day, but they were whisked away before I had time to photograph them. Then we made bunnies for Easter. This project took far longer than I expected as the group of 8 year olds I had spent much of their time chatting rather than sewing, however it all came good in the end and each child took a completed bunny home.
Now I need to think of a project for next term but I'm struggling. I have a mixed group of 9 year olds 2 of the 12 have Special Educational Needs. I was thinking key rings or bookmarks. Will have to go and have a play around with my felt I think.

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