Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year.

Here it is 2014 and gosh didn't last year just fly by?
From a wobbly start with my eldest daughter in hospital seriously ill, to a summer of sunshine, delicious cuddles with my new nephew and afternoon teas and finally a lovely family Christmas. I just blinked and the year was gone.
So what plans for 2014? Well I'm not one for making resolutions as I never keep them. So all I hope to do is find more time to make things, find something that makes me smile everyday and enjoy life as best I can. Sounds like a plan.
So I'll start this year with some of the best bits from last year.
January breakfast
February Crafting
March Easter approaches
April Easter parade
Baby George arrives

May summer arrives and breakfast is outdoors
June celebrations for my mums 70th
July - my beautiful daughter turned 21.
July- Baby George flies back to England to visit us all.
August was minion time, holidays and family.
September return to work and sewing club makes - minions of course
October - my handsome nephew wins the mother and baby Singapore award.
November sewing club. Christmas began.
December. What a brilliant year it ended up being.
 Very photo heavy I know but what a year.
Best wishes to everyone for 2014. 
It's going to be a  blast.