Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Smash Booking

Today I'm going to show you some pages from my Smash book.
I only started it last year having learnt about Smashbooking on YouTube.
So what is it? Well it's a little bit like scrapbooking and a little bit like journalling. The difference being it doesn't have to be perfect, or in order. You just stick things into it however and whenever you want.
 So I've had a box of "stuff" forever. Things like concert tickets, bits cut out magazines, cards off friends that I can't throw out, old photos with bits attached to them like leaflets, ice cream spoons or postcards from an event or holiday long gone. bits of pretty papers, used stamps, pretty buttons, etc you get the idea. They were all just crammed into a box and every now and then I'd take them out and look at them, then they'd all go back in the box. Here's where the Smash book comes in.
I took everything out of the box and sorted it into time, place, colour, theme, what looked good together, then just stuck it all into my Smash book. Sometimes I added some writing, but mostly I just glued it all in. The results:-

Sorry some of the photos are sideways.
If you want to learn more about Smashbooking check out these YouTube channels.
My Green Cow Smashbooking
Taylor Anne Smash book

I'll try and post each new page I create so you can see more of how I Smash.
Till next time x

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