Sunday, 3 April 2016


Another activity that has been part of my life for some time now is Journalling. I bought my first fauxdori last summer from Lyra and Co. At that time I didn't realise what a huge community of journallers there is. Since then I have gone on to buy 4 more fauxdoris that I change around according to the seasons, plus the tiny one I use for knitting notes.
I am currently using the one with dream catchers on it.
So what do I use it for? Well, I have 4 notebooks inside and I use each one for different things. 
The first notebook is a brain dump journal where I write down all the stuff that churns around inside my head. Happy thoughts, bad thoughts, hopes, dreams etc. I also doodle and stick in photos of recent events or samples of things I've bought.
The second note book is a kind of Bible journal. I've been reading Trusting God day by day by Joyce Meyer. I'm not a hugely religious person but having been brought up a Catholic and no longer practising the Catholic faith I've felt that something was missing in my life. This book gives you a new bible reading everyday and Joyce talks about how it applies to her life and how you can take Gods words and apply them to your own life, It has made me think carefully about how I am living my life and how I want to change/improve the way I live. It's just right for me, gives me something to think about and keeps a small connection with my upbringing. 

The third notebook is used to keep a record of my pen pals and people in the travelling postcard group. I write down who I've written to and who I've received from and add any little bits and bobs that have been sent to me. these two cards arrived from America last week.
The final notebook is used for work. I write down any ideas I have for planning, I stick in pictures from pinterest and add any useful links for websites to browse through. Currently it is filled with pictures and links for improving the outdoor area at nursery. This is our focus for the Summer term. I have the ideas now just need to raise the funds to make it all happen.
And that is my journalling. I'll post some more pictures later on so you can have a peek inside.

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