Sunday, 10 April 2016

Lollipop Box Club

Have you ever bought a subscription box? I have been trying out a few over the last year.
This month I bought the lollipop box club one off subscription box.
Let me tell you I was blown away by the contents. The box itself was small about 8 inches by 5 inches so I thought oh there can't be much in here. Wrong!
Inside attached to the lid was a card with a greeting and information about the contents, plus a hand written message on the lid itself. The goodies were beautifully wrapped with some Easter scatters on the top.
Inside everything was carefully arranged on cards, inside paper bags and gift tags. The box was crammed full all slotted together like a tetras puzzle.
 The first thing I pulled out was a heart shaped blackboard peg, a lollipop (of course) a tiny heart stamp, 2 rolls of thin washi tape, some wooden flowers and a tag with 2 pins attached
 Then there was a bag with an assortment of paper clips and coloured staples inside (which actually fit my stapler!) There was a tag with a crochet flower paper clip, A card with a good meter of pompom ribbon, a green fine liner pen and a little envelope tied up with twine containing beautiful buttons.
 Next there was a little Hessian bag with a heart printed on the front containing a rabbit paper clip, 3 gorgeous rabbit buttons, some page flag sticky notes and a chocolate heart. The little bunny on the tag is the same as the three inside the bag, so cute.
 The green polka dot bag above contained a sheet of stickers, a bunny postcard, some speech bubble post it notes, some flower die cuts, 2 rabbit stickers, a gift tag, some ribbon and some twine.
Underneath all the goodies I found some paper items. 2 sheets of patterned paper, a weekly tasks sheet, 2 sheets of bunny paper, some memo dots and a spring card. these will all work brilliantly in my planner, I can make dashboards with the patterned card and cut out the memos to glue in. There was also a set a challenge cards which I will add to my planner. They are personalised and the idea is to write a list each week and see how many things you get done. Love it
So all in all this was a brilliant box that I would definitely recommend especially if you keep a journal or are into Smash booking , there is so much to use to decorate pages or cut out and stick in a journal or planner. The colours are so well matched even down to the paper bags! The box retails at £17 UK for a one off kit, but prices are lower if you subscribe.
(apologies for the upside down photos I am unable to turn them at the moment.)
I bought this box with my own money and the views and opinions written here are all my own.

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