Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Wednesday Workspace.

Today is all about finishing off those little jobs I need in my classroom.
Cupboard labels, draw labels, etc.
I want to be able to relax in my final week of holidays, knowing everything is done and ready for the new term.
The nursery is just about set up, but looks very bare without any of the children's work on display. That will soon change though. Here's a little peep inside.
This is our "Who's Who" tree. Each child will have their picture taken and added to the tree inside an apple. This is in our cloakroom.
Their draws are all labelled up and ready to be used. In the background you can see the kitchen area. It's also where our sand and water trays are kept.
These are the self registration apples. Each child finds their name/picture and sticks it onto the felt trees which are on the side of this unit, so we know who is in nursery. Of course most of the children need prompts to complete this task in the first few weeks. We have green apples for the morning children and red apples for the afternoon children.
Here is the start of our home corner. The children get to decide which resources need to be added as the weeks go by. We add or remove items to facilitate their needs. Last year they children wanted a home laundry! So we removed the cooker/fridge and added ironing boards, a washing line, and lots of things to wash.
This is our reading corner which I am busy revamping. It needs the chairs covering and some big squishy floor cushions, then I'll be happy. The children like to share books in here. I also add book bags so the children can retell the story with puppets and toys. This was very popular last year.
This is going to be our Autumn discovery area. On the table I have placed Autumn word cards with pictures. The table is then covered with a clear plastic table cover and objects that match the words are placed on top. The idea is that the children handle the objects and match them to the word cards which remain safe under the plastic. We will add their pictures and discoveries as the weeks go by. Plus we will be going on an Autumn walk in the local area and will capture some action pictures for this space.
I hope you have enjoyed this little peek inside my working world. I'm going to try and take a walk about video or the whole setting in the next few weeks. So watch out for that.

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