Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Wednesday Workspace

Tonight I have a few little work related things to be getting on with but as they have the children's photographs on I can't really show then to you. However I can show you how the nursery was set up for todays session. We had another 4 new starters this morning so our numbers are slowly creeping up. I find it a very slow and tedious process which we are going to review for next year in the hope that we can have all the children in much quicker and settle them all together.
 In the water tray we have boats to float, large sea creatures, people and rocks. Some of the children are making up rescue games with a strong narrative as they play. Other children are just delighted to drop the rocks into the water and create a splash. It supports Communication and Language, Personal, Social and Emotional development, Physical development, early maths skills (pouring, scooping, filling), Understanding of the World and Expressive Arts. Basically water play covers most areas of EYFS development.
 In the sand tray we have spades and castle moulds to create their own style of sandcastle. The children have asked for shells and people to add to their play tomorrow. Lots of physical development used in making sand castles and some super peer support in helping each other create the best castles.
 The small world table changes every 2 days or so and I add in and take out elements depending on what the children have asked for. Today we had a campsite with a bridge crossing the river. Tomorrow the children have asked for some dinosaurs to live by the river, so we'll swap them in. This is where we hear a huge amount of language as the children narrate their play. It's also where we see social skills in action (or lack of in some cases!)
 This week we celebrated Roald Dahl day on Tuesday and have been reading some of his poems. To go alongside the poem "Porcupine" we created a make your own porcupine on the play dough table. They have loved this and extended their models by asking for things to make legs and mouths and altering their porcupines into other animals. Play dough supports physical development as the children use fine motor skills to manipulate the dough and tools.
 The art table has had a mixture of free painting and directed art. We have been rolling paint covered marbles to create patterns which we are turning into apples to hang on our "who's who" tree. We leave a name sheet on the table and encourage the children to have a go at writing their name on their art work. 
 Last week some of the children built this amazing train track and have asked for it to be left out. They have taken so much care of it. Fixing bits that are broken and extending the track each day. They have added animals, people and some signs since this picture. I have been blown away by their sustained play in this area and the co-operation in creating and caring for this track.
 The Autumn table is slowly filling up as the children are encourage to bring in things they have found around and about. We have a glut of conkers which I love.
 In the creation station the children are supplied with a variety or mark making materials and crafting tools and allowed to make whatever they want. We have seen cards, fringed book marks, self portraits and lots and lots of snipping! We are going to extend this area as it is very popular.
There are many other areas not described here like our maths areas, the reading space, the role play area and outdoors. I'll save those for another day.
And finally a photo of the tiny bit of crafting I manged to cram in at the weekend. This is a kindle case that I made using the Craft Club Box Kit. It was so easy to make and I will be making some more in the future for Christmas pressies. 

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